15 October 2018

Avatar: The Last Airbender

C memorize the opening sequence to Avatar: The Last Airbender :)

12 October 2018

A Comic A Day For 31 Days!

Yay! Today marks me drawing a comic everyday for 31 days! I am very happy! Hee! Thanks for reading my comics everyone! 😃😃😃 i might have to take a short break, coz i got a freelance commission yesterday!! Yay!!😃😃😃🎆🎇✨🎉🎊🎆

11 October 2018


Aiyah, i like the pencil one more...

Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba

We had lunch with Vong yesterday at Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba, and he asked C what's her favourite in Singapore? 😃😃😃  aww!!! (Shan is my best friend in Singapore, and she is C's godmother 😘😘😘 C addresses Shan as "shan shan gan ma", which means Godmother Shan

10 October 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

C asked us to sit and pose and she drew great grandma, bb, me and herself on Canadian Thanksgiving! (Yesterday, 8th October 2018) we love it! :) and Great grandma put her drawing on her fridge! :)