08 December 2013

Painting Portraits At The Miramar North School Craft Fair!

i like this version better i think :)
i love kids! they say and ask the cutest things :)!
this was what happened during the craft fair on friday:)

Grow Lemons Grow Dance

06 December 2013

Many Thanks! :)

Thank you everyone for coming to Mamiko and my craft stall! 
 It was super fun! 
And thanks to lovely Hillary for helping out!
Good night and sweet dreams! Till the next craft fair! 

p/s: And thanks to all the little boys and little girls for posing for me while I drew you all a portrait! :D Awesome! :)

04 December 2013

Miramar North School's 2013 FOOD, FUN & CRAFT FAIR Friday 6th December

Getting ready for the "Food, Fun & Craft Fair" on this Friday!
Come and say hi to Mamiko(http://mesdemoisellespetit.wordpress.com/)
and me (http://shufentether.wix.com/iamksf)
at Miramar North School!
We are having a stall selling hand crafted X'mas cards and tags, hand carved stamps, stickers, mustache sticks, tote bags, comics and zines! 
You can even get your very own portraits drawn by me at just $10 each! 
Miramar North School's 2013 FOOD, FUN & CRAFT FAIR 
Friday 6th December 5pm-7.30pm at Miramar North School 
23 Weka Street, 

Bring the family (and your picnic blanket) for an evening with fabulous food stalls, 
fun games, a craft market, fantastic live entertainment & carols! 
 See you there!
 photo by Mamiko (http://mesdemoisellespetit.wordpress.com/)

I am selling all these at the stall!

 photo by Mamiko (http://mesdemoisellespetit.wordpress.com/)

I am selling all these at the stall!

 photo by Mamiko (http://mesdemoisellespetit.wordpress.com/)
Mamiko is selling all these at the stall!

Watercolour Portrait Comission

I got comissioned by Debbie to draw her and her family a nice portrait! :)
Thanks Debbie! I am glad you like it! :)

Watercolour portrait $100 NZD (free shipping)
signed by me, ksf :)