31 August 2011


Wuahahhaha! Everybody lol (especially uncle and auntie) when they saw my old drawings of Kita and Uncle!

Drawings do become better! I hope my gags become better and better too! XD hee

I Miss You Bb!

Some of the things I miss doing with you bb! XD

(you always just have a few tiny bites and give me the rest! =)

Selective Listening

My Pair Of Jeans

91.2 Pounds

29 August 2011

Happy Birthday Auntie!

Yesterday was Auntie's birthday! Rock! =D

26 August 2011

For bb! =D

Yups! He is learning mandarin! XD

For Shan

Old Comic, New Style

Bugs On The Screen Door

Aiyoh! This episode of uncle calling kita to quickly come in and him opening the door in a very fast manner was really so funny in person! Somehow, me translating it into comic doesn't seem very funny! Oh well! XD

23 August 2011

51 Panels

Just came back to Calgary after a week trip to Saskatchewan!
Posted 51 panels of comics!
Hope you all enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed drawing them out! =)

The Perfect Spot

Paws Up, Paws Down