19 February 2011

Funny Dance! Bb And Me! XD

Done in between projects! Drew this for fun! Heehee! Maybe will draw more after this project! XD

Wow it's weekend! I need to sleep but I wanna do so many things too! XD

17 February 2011

I Got To Learn New Things! Yeah!

Did 2 very different shots yesterday! (Just got back an hour ago!)
Wow! And I enjoyed learning about the new and interesting stuffs!
Rock! =)
Good night!
Sweet dreams! =)

15 February 2011

07 February 2011


Hi yah! I'm back from my Korea trip! This is the 2nd time I celebrated my birthday overseas hee! Fun trip! Thanks to bb and everybody! Rock! =D
Also celebrated my 1 year anniversary with bb! Yeah! Thanks for everything! You rock! =)
Touched down Singapore this morning at 8 am - ish and met up with shan in the afternoon! =D Thanks for the hand made comic book birthday present! I love it! =D
And yah I went to cut my hair today!
And I successfully gained 2kg!