29 July 2011


bb you are amazing! doing so many things for us and me at the same time, encouraging me and always so positive! thank you! i love you! thanks for loving me! =D

and thanks for the flowers! =D


28 July 2011


Just a new word I came to like this evening...

Oh Man I Like Things Like That!

pitter patter pitter patter

23 July 2011

Nicole Rocks!

Auntie treated us all to pottery lesson taught by Nicole! =D Above is what I started with =)

Olivia made the 3 little cute cups and I made a container on screen right! (for my mum! with her name "yu" which means jade in chinese)

I made another container for my dad! With the word "mu" which means wood in chinese. (my dad's name)

Auntie made the above bowls! =D and a spoon!

bb's creations above! love it!

our work area! soooo much fun! TuT

That's Nicole and auntie! So fun! Love pottery! =D

Soft And Warm

20 July 2011

Pen, Watercolor And Acrylic

pen on bb's thigh XD cartoon version of him and me... in the car on our way to Cochran...
tried drawing and painting baby minxuan using watercolor! XD
my 1st take on acrylic! XD a floating head in the universe Xp

19 July 2011

Oh Kita!

photo above is kita in the car for a ride! with wind in her hair XD

I Like Auntie Darlene! =)