28 February 2014

Messy Table

sometimes, it gets messier than this :P

25 February 2014

Handmade Origami Cranes Cards By ksf

($7 NZD each)
Each card is made of 300GSM paper
 with handmade origami cranes and hearts that are coloured in watercolour by me. :)
It's blank inside for your own input of anything you wanna write or draw!

Hope you like them!
p/s: each card comes with an envelop too woo hoo!~
pp/s: the cards are for sale at Matchbox Studios! do check them out if you're in town!
ppp/s: all other previous cards have been sold out! woo hoo!
hope you all like this series!

20 February 2014

14 February 2014

Food You Either Love Or Hate

Hello there! :)
Just experienced two summers in a row... and back to back! :)
Had a fantastic summer in Wellington with my in-laws,
and then flew to Singapore with bb to celebrate the new year with my families and friends. :)

Do you have a list of food which you either love or hate?
These are some which i will draw for today! :)
happy weekend! :D