18 December 2015



Preheat oven to 305 °F

Mix minced chicken with an egg and some flour and salt and pepper, and make them into meatballs. Lightly fry them till brown on most sides. Set the meatballs aside.

Chop up one onion, some garlic, some potatoes/sweet potatoes and cook them for about 5 minutes in the frying pan. 
Next add 1 tablespoon of
-ground cumin
-ground corriander
-curry powder
and cook for a few minutes. Add one cup of water and pour in the can of organic coconut milk and organic can of tomatoes and bring to a boil.

Transfer everything to a tray and cover with a sheet of aluminium foil and cook in the oven for 1 hour. :)


p/s: Meimei did made a face upon her first bite of curry, but continued eating the rest of her meal afterwards :) Yay!

16 December 2015


1 Year Old!

Meimei is speaking lots of words! And she is bilingual! 
● jiejie is mandarin for big sister
● mama is mandarin for mum
● yaya is mandarin for duckie
● deng is mandarin for light/lamp
● wowo is baby talk for doggie
● wawa is mandarin for doll
● men is mandarin for door
● meimei is mandarin for little girl/ little sister
● bonbon is baby talk for bath
● yeye is mandarin for grandpa
● mao is mandarin for cat

And she will say "more" accompanied with baby sign language if she wants more water/food etc

Love you Meimei! Oh! And she does kisses with "mua" sounds! :)

24 November 2015


And she's doing a fine job climbing down safely now! Yay! :)

16 October 2015


p/s: At least, we know our fire alarm works. Welcome to Vancouver downtown living, where apartments are so small, that the fire alarm goes off when you are frying something :p

pp/s: The dumplings turned out exceptionally fine :) Yay!

03 October 2015

Snot Bubbles

Typo: snot, not snort... bah... sorry
Meimei is having the flu this week :(
Poor thing.. she will drink her milk and then take a pause and breathe through her mouth coz' her nose is congested...
But man, those snort bubbles are so yucky and also hilarious at the same time :p
p/s: feel better soon Meimei! I love you!

17 September 2015

Look MeiMei!

Look MeiMei! You're finally in comic form! Hee!
Sorry for the hiatus!
We've found our new place in Vancouver and parenthood is fun! (98.99% of the time) Hee!
We love MeiMei lots and she is definitely a little girl full of personality!
We are very blessed to have her as our daughter, and I hope to squeeze in as much time as possible to draw her little stories every now and then! :)

22 May 2015

Portrait Day At Matchbox Studios 26th April 2015!

 My last Portrait Day in New Zealand! Thank you everyone for joining us!
We have moved to Vancouver! :)

21 April 2015

Portrait Day At Matchbox Studios this Sunday! 26th April 2015!

 Hello peeps! Come join us for Portrait Day At Matchbox Studios this Sunday! 26th April 2015! 
Woo hoo! Come sit and pose for us, and let us draw you!
I got to design this month's poster again woo hoo! Yay!

Last Portrait Day in New Zealand before we move to Vancouver! :) See you all there! :)

06 February 2015

Portrait Day At Te Papa 6th Feb 2015!

Our portrait session group was invited to participate in the celebrations for the 175th anniversary of the Treaty of Waitangi at Te Papa !!
  Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa
Thanks for having us, Te Papa! :) And everyone who sat and posed for us! :) Yay!