28 September 2011

Nice Night

Wow... need to catch up on movies!!!!! Too many movies that I have wanted to watch but missed!
p/s: note to self: never drink coffee again after 9pm. Feeling like I have just ran a marathon (not that I did before) - heart is beating faster than usual! =p

21 September 2011


I am sooooooooooooo happy! Getting ready for my new adventures again soon! So excited!
And my mum is supportive too! Soooo happy! =D
Yeah! Seeing bb soon! =D So exciting!

p/s: and I love the new Facebook! I don't know why! I just love it! XD

16 September 2011


Renewing My I.D.

See You Soon Bb!


X-Men 1st Class

Ryan And Tammy

Ryan and Tammy came to Singapore for their honeymoon and it was super awesome and fun having them over! Above is a drawing of them both and the couple of places I have brought them to while they were here! =)

I lost 1kg due to me being acclimatized for one week plus... Monday was sooo bad I went to the docs =p ... thank goodness was up and about when Ryan and Tammy came over to Sinagpore!

I wanna gain back the weight that I have lost and hope to be 45 kg soon! =D Yeah!

11 September 2011

Sunday Morning


I'm back on Wednesday morning and was a bit under the weather since. Been staying in bed most of the time and this makes my jet lag even worse...*gua gua gua*! But the situation is improving! I'm waking up later and later! From 2am to 3:30am, to 4:00am to today's 5:00am! Yeah! Good news!

And resting at home enable me to read some good books I borrowed from Shan! Yeah! Like "Tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom and "Have a Little Faith" by Mitch Albom too! Such great books! Would love to quote the whole book but that would be copyrights infringements (I think). And also finished reading 2 books by Miss Naoko Takagi too. So staying in bed due to fever and diarrhea made me have the chance to stumbled upon great reads! Rock! =D

And missing the Tether families and my days in Canada lots! Missed cooking, (yups! cooking! I know!) playing with Kita, walking Kita, attending Loose Moose Theatre and imrpovisation with the funny peeps there, eating ice-cream from Mackay's, seeing the season changes from summer to autumn and my simple and happy days there! Skyping bb every night and he told me he met Orlando Bloom last night! Wow!

Mid Autumn Festival is here once again! Are you bbq-ing in Taiwan, playing with lanterns in Singapore, or just enjoying a cup of tea and eating mooncakes while admiring the moon everywhere else in the world? Have fun! =)

04 September 2011

Loose Moose Theatre

I am so lucky to be able to participate and attend classes at Loose Moose Theatre! This is my first time doing Impro and it is sooooooooooooo much fun! Thanks uncle for driving me there! Rock!

p/s: when I knew that Loose Moose Theatre was started by Mr. Keith Johnstone, I was so excited! I love his book "Impro"! Such a wonderful book! (read it 3 years ago)


01 September 2011