29 June 2011


Gemma called me one day before my trip to Canada! (She's transiting over at Singapore for a few hours).. though we missed seeing each other by a day or so, it was so nice talking to her on the phone all the way from New Zealand! =D

Time flies here in Canada!

So happy to have Shan my best friend and Kieran by my side! We did a road trip all the way from Calgary to Vancouver! Thanks bb for driving! You rock!

And so happy to meet up with old friends and bb's grandparents and uncle david and his family! =D

Okies got to go! =D Update again soon!

17 June 2011

It Is Friday Here

The booger is one of the interesting (and disgusting thing) to look under the microscope XD

We went to Drumheller on Wednesday and saw many interesting dinosaurs fossils! =D

07 June 2011

75 Percent Packed

Bring it!




What if?


Wow! Such a good mix of songs on the radio today and yesterday!
The DJs must be in a great mood! =D

06 June 2011


p/s: must do some planking photos when we are there! =D

Bui Bui!

Packing! Packing! Packing!
Oh yeah!

02 June 2011