29 June 2011


Gemma called me one day before my trip to Canada! (She's transiting over at Singapore for a few hours).. though we missed seeing each other by a day or so, it was so nice talking to her on the phone all the way from New Zealand! =D

Time flies here in Canada!

So happy to have Shan my best friend and Kieran by my side! We did a road trip all the way from Calgary to Vancouver! Thanks bb for driving! You rock!

And so happy to meet up with old friends and bb's grandparents and uncle david and his family! =D

Okies got to go! =D Update again soon!


Anonymous said...

Miss u & everything there already! My best friend =) hope u getting great!

i_am_ksf said...

hey shan! are you having jetlag? sorry i didnt check fb yet and email not as often coz i didnt bring my laptop to Saskatchewan... can wait to check out the photos u uploaded! XD we are using uncle's phone to log on to the internet through to the laptop and cant log in to fb coz it will use up a lot of his available data thingy...so fast july already!! ah..wow! now whenever i am in the car, i will sleep like you XD! haha! email u when i am back in calgary XD

Anonymous said...

I pass the sleepbug to u! No worries, email me when u back! Look forward to see ur stories there too! Saw ur latest post, just a few days but u done and met alot of ppl & dogs! Must be nice. Sorry to hear about the funeral, still rem auntie cry at the airport, she must be very sad.

I dunno i got jetlag anot as i go to bed at 10pm then woke up today at 6plus but yest slept till 10am. My sleeping hrs still consider normal but i got tired very soon. Feels very not used when i'm back. It's like everything i see looks weird even when the sun shines into my room i seem not to recognise my room that kind of feeling.

Then i cant log into my blog...dunno why. Then i miss talking to u!

Enjoy ur gathering with the tether side nx wk ok :)

i_am_ksf said...

hey shan! good morning! maybe it's the post holiday symptoms..=p... will take about a week or so to get used again...i miss you too! at porcupine plain Saskatchewan, we got visit grandma gene too! and it was a cute cute 2 year old boy, archer's birthday too! and i fed a 2 months old baby, burped her and rock her to sleep! rock! then last night, when we reached regina, kieran and i were waiting at the hotel lobby for auntie to come down, then kieran saw a familiar back and it was grandma teresa! =D so happy and we hugged! turned out that she was calling us from the lobby phone XD! kekekekeke. then grandpa barry laughed so hard at brady's joke that he spilled his red wine on his pants! XD

Let's spill wine on our pants Xp said...

Spilled the red wine is epic, ppl might think grandpa come menses :p

U see ur holiday is so fun where u get to try lots of things and some for the first time! Really happy for u! Nx time u know how to look after ur baby! After 6days at home i finally stepped out of my house yest...when will u be heading to vancouver?

i_am_ksf said...

wuhahahahahaha shan ah ur comment is epic! so funny loh! kieran also lol! XDDDD wow biangs!!!
we will be heading to vancouver beginning of august! and roxy is moving to toronto tomorrow! (friday!)