27 February 2012

My Doubtful Oil Attempt

bb got him and i these 2 mugs for valentines' day!

the above is my 1st oil attempt! xp

to be continued!~

23 February 2012

Printed Out My Drawings!

And I sticked them to our kitchen door! =D

Life Drawing Class On Wednesday

Am a bit rusty =p.. but enjoyed drawing lots! =)

17 February 2012

Hip Hop Class

Dancing to Lady Gaga's "Marry The Night" last night was sooo much fun!
I love Thursday hiphop class! =D

15 February 2012


I love you bb! You are the best husband in the world! =)

10 February 2012


Bb and i met at Taiwan airport! (Our flights were delayed.) And found out that we were wroking in the same company then! Wow!

Looking forward to my next trip with bb in may and july! =)