30 September 2014

Taking the Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)

The glucose solution was super sweet and it was quite a lot to drink in the 5 minute time frame (a bottle)... And I had to do the test twice... :p But I am very thankful I don't have pregnancy diabetes! Yay! :D

26 September 2014

Meimei, I Love You!

Wonder does other pregnant ladies do funny stuff like me too? :) Hee!

24 September 2014

Legs Cramping

I didn't buy that pair of jeans...


On a side note, yoga is everything I've imagined! Very zen! I feel my teacher is really heaven sent! She is very good! :) And all my classmates are very nice and sweet people! :) Yay!
They made me realised, "Girls compete with each other; Women empower one another!" So, so true! :)
Surrounding myself with all these nice women out there! I am lucky! :)

Dislike Dropping Things

You know you're in your third trimester when you really dislike dropping things onto the floor... X)

Heart Burn

Drinking almond milk helps before I go to bed! And my friend, Gina, told me custard helps too! :)

23 September 2014

Spilling Water Twice In Less Than 5 Minutes

This incident happened in less than 5 minutes... I am getting clumsier as I progress further into my pregnancy hee! :P

21 September 2014

Portrait Day At Matchbox Studios 21st September 2014! :)

Portrait Day at MatchBox Studios! 21st September 2014!
 So nice to see old friends and new friends! :) Sweet! And thanks for the chocolate treats, Brendan and Chin Chee! :D Yay! :D
Thank you everyone for coming down to join in the fun! It's a great Sunday! Yay! 

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