19 September 2014

Happy Birthday Emmanuel And Angie! :)

Been very busy this year! Already completed 20 commission, got 2 more students for my art class at the beginning of this year, drew couple of comics, renovated our house (living room floor to be exact :), traveled to Singapore, Vancouver, Kelowna, Sidney, Auckland and around Wellington,  had 5 Portrait Day (with the 5th one happening this Sunday at Matchbox Studios!) and am having two more gigs in October thanks to my artists friends here in Wellington! :) Lots of happy things going on! I am very thankful! :)

Been wanting to draw portraits for my friends! To thank them for organising our baby shower, to my bff for flying over and surprising me all the way from Singapore and also friends who left for another adventures to different parts of the world! 

Easily tired nowadays but yoga is helping a lot! Yoga is everything I imagined! Very zen! :) Love it! And I did a couple of mock up comics for my pregnancy but haven't got round to polishing the drawings... oh procrastination! XD ha!

Yay! Today I finally drew 2 birthday drawings for my friends here in Wellington! :) Feeling a bit rusty and also a lot are going on right now! But I am thankful for all the good things happening right now! Very fortunate and very blessed too!

Yay! :) Happy weekend folks! :)

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