17 September 2014

Portrait Day At Matchbox Studios 21st September 2014! :)

Hello peeps! Come join us for Portrait Day At Matchbox Studios this Sunday! 21st September 2014! Woo hoo!
Come sit and pose for us, and let us draw you!

This month's poster is designed and painted by Brendan Grant!
He specialises in urban landscape paintings of Wellington City..
And he also sells prints of his art at various market stalls in Wellington, and also on TradeMe. Most of his prints are 6 x 8" pictures, with a 1 inch surround with various colours to choose from.

He also does 8 x 10 inch prints on a 11 x 14" surround and 10 x 12" prints on the 11 x 14" surround. Brendan's facebook page can be found here:

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