28 October 2012

bb and i went to watch "argo" last night! we loved it! very good film!
and we went to the worser bay school fair this morning and had fun! loving the food! :D hee
happy weekend! :D

22 October 2012


Must study for my driving test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friends In Nz

Friends I know here in nz! :D

18 October 2012

Ombré Dip-Dyed

Have you tried it? :)

Be Kind, Rewind

going for my root canal soon... *shivers*... 
wish i could have rewind and taken better care of my tooth XD wish all of you a set of healthy teeth!

17 October 2012


oh yeah! :D


side note: earthquake felt at 1ish pm just now! scary!!!
and went for pottery lesson today! very fun! but there goes my black cardigan XD



15 October 2012

Blushing Away Bunny

anything that is difficult for you to say, blushing bunny blushes it all away

Facebook Page

hi peeps!
this is my facebook page for I am ksf:
hee! :D

08 October 2012