31 May 2014

Cute Stuff Part 2! :)

i enjoyed drawing them lots! more to come! yay! :D

30 May 2014

Cute Stuff!

heehee :)

have lots of fun painting this! 
must find time to touch up soon!
 happy weekend peeps! woo hoo! :D

28 May 2014

You're Sweet

for all the sweet people out there! thanks for coming into my life! :D yay! :)
and, on a side note, there's no strawberry shortcakes in Wellington (?!!!)

26 May 2014

My Childhood Series (Part 2)! Comics By ksf :)

My childhood series (Part 2) comics! 
(Part 1 can be found here: 
Do stay tuned for more! :) Thanks!
yay! (click on image to view in full size! thanks!) 

25 May 2014

Portrait Day At MatchBox Studios! Drawings By ksf! :)

 Thank you everyone for your support! oh yay! :D you all rock! :D Thanks! :)

19 May 2014

Happening This Sunday 25th May! :)

poster from MatchBox Studios! :D
Happening this Sunday, 25th May, 12 to 2 pm! we might be extending the time! woo hoo!
come and join us! see you there! :D

13 May 2014

Winter Outfits

but i always choose warmth over fashion... *le sigh*

08 May 2014

25th May 2014!

watch this space! :)
an upcoming collaboration gig with fellow Wellington artists (Alicia, Brendan, Kristin and me, Ksf) and MatchBox Studios! Mark your calendar on the 25th May 2014 and join us for a wonderful and happy afternoon! See you all soon! yay!

05 May 2014

Kitties and Lamas Crossing Cloth Bunntings!

($7 NZD each)
Each card is hand made with hand sewn cloth bunntings on 300GSM paper yay!

It's blank inside for your own input of anything you wanna write or draw!

Hope you like them!
p/s: each card comes with an envelop too woo hoo!~
pp/s: the cards will be for sale at Matchbox Studios by the end of this week! :)
do check them out if you're in town!