30 January 2009

Gong Xi Gong Xi!

We are featured here too! Thanks very much! Y(n_n)Y~ (<-- throws confettit)

The Smell of Curry

It's easier to do the wrong thing(s) together, then to do the right thing alone.
Had this thought suddenly while peeling potatoes for curry...

p/s: "When one bad incident happened (like last night), you will tend to forget what you had believed in initially; One bad thing that happened can let you forget about the many other Good things that'd ever happened before.
Try to keep your calm, coz' things might not be what we think it is.

You are a very awesome girl >_n"

Thanks for hitting the target! I am truly sorry for being bad and losing my head. I wanna remember the good!
*writes and pastes on the monitor with the sweat sticker"

29 January 2009

I Like KTV

1o things beome 40 -_-... it's your turn now =)!

12 January 2009

And I Feel

Thanks very much =)!

Plug Boy Will Be Back After Thursday...

Ann Gee--------------------->


Ann Gee------------------------------------------------>

Sahel and Axil

Eunice without her head


09 January 2009

I Haven't Got It Right Yet...

Plug Boy is still work in progress - ing


* conversation with a 7-year old recently *


08 January 2009

New eye please

Which camera cut works better? Left or Right?

p/s: Plug Boy is still work-in-progress-ing...

pp/s: Thanks Jinrong and Maqrius for the comments! The next 8's are hard...

*pull hair*

Commercial Break

*Spelling and pronounciation are my Achilles' heel...*

I wrote this song which I found very mushy (ha!) after I recorded...

The following 8's are driving me crazy... AH! And so the song Je ne sais quoi is born.

*gua gua gua*

(And sorry that my anti-socialness has caused you much distress.. if I tell you that I cannot help it, would you believe me?)

06 January 2009

And yah, before I forget to reply...

(Continued from above 'coz paper's not big enough) The ability to make another person feel better/ help another person despite being sad himself (for Sosuke's case), is really truly magnificent.

So Ah Boon, which is your favourite scene then? =)

Someone is painting downstairs

so I shall go and eat an apple. *pinch nose*

Plug Boy is still work in progress - ing!

Keep Animating

This is taking long -_-... sorry I played too much.. Mike, when I finished this, I will start on your rod!
p/s: This is work in progress yah!
Plug Boy in 3D! Ha! (and he is not wearing any grey pants, coz' he is grey.. -_-!!!~)

pp/s: Yeah I watched "Ponyo on the cliff by the sea" yesterday, which was Hayao Miyazaki's 68th birthday! X) I love it!

ppp/s: And thanks Ying! See you next monday! Hope by then it's completed!

03 January 2009

Happy New Year, Pull Your Ear!

By my friend, moof!

And thank you guy in pink t-shirt for buying my drawing! =D Yeah!