30 October 2009


I had breakfast for 3 times yesterday!
Brought to you semi-live from crazily happy busy days of shots.

28 October 2009


Today is my pa's birthday! Happy birthday to you!

(below is from my facebook's notes =)

Flying kties my father made for me and my brother at our 2nd old house corridors! Reading pop outs' art books with my father! Playing chess with my father and he always pretend to lose to me.My father drawing curly hairdos on peeps he created and drawing stickman and fly here and there...My father fetching me home from school (in my memory, it happened only once and I was soooo happy!) and we waited together at the traffic light we went to eat bean curd together and I said I wanted the "tang shui" for dessert instead of the beancurd when he asked me what do I want to eat?


And today marks one month in office too!

27 October 2009

Big Specs

Yups, last week's life drawing session~

Sad when friends leave.. this month, 2 friends left Singapore already, one very close friend who went back to Hong Kong, and a new friend who went back to the States... another good friend is leaving too, end of November...

Busy busy week! And looking forward to Halloween! I don't have time to make my costume!~ *gua gua gua*

And got many priceless gifts from the hearts of dear friends!

Nice! =)

18 October 2009



I am missing bubble tea...

Maybe, I will be a box of chocolates for Halloween?

And I love "LOL" the french movie.

And chicken wings.

(And we spontaneously jammed on thursday night, with a new friend, Kenneth!

Vivian on drums.Chris on guitar.Kenneth on bass.ksf on vocals.)

will work on the lyrics! yeah!

17 October 2009


H&M & Mina

I wish we can have H&M in Singapore too! Love love love~

Sacrifying Sleep To Do More Things...

This week's life drawing session was fun! I used my left hand to draw and I was so surprised with what I came out with!

Promise to blog more! (I took the above post from my sina blog)

I'm so tired! Need more sleep, need more time to do my stuffs!

We spontaneously jammed on thursday night and came up with a couple of songs which turned out pretty well! Will edit them out soonest!

And today's so darn hot lah!

Comic soon!

Conversation with Sophia just now:

Me: "Sophia you are a very good little girl!"

Sophia: " But jie jie ksf, I am naughty at home sometimes..."

Me: " Why?"

Sophia: " I don't know."

And this week, I had durian! Courtesy of my new colleague. Roy!

Nice! =)

05 October 2009

Sophia's Moving...

..end of the year.. so sad to hear the news from her mum... T-T... I missed her already...
p/s: in case some of you don't know, Sophia's my very cute 4- year old neighbor.
Saw the commercial Bee and Zeph and I did for mediacorp on T.V just now! =)

Can't wait to collect my new specs on Thursday! Yeah!

And the tickets are bought! =D I hope Sophia and family move only after I come back to Singapore...

I hope she don't move lah...

01 October 2009

Happy Children's Day!

(me decked in last year's halloween party "costume" X)
Looking forward to Halloween this year too! Heehee! Vivian is joining us this year! =D Shini, what should we do this year?

Some drawings from last night's life drawing session and on the way to work inside the train.

Was thinking of calling myself "Alex" when I realised a colleague was called Alex too..hmmm.. that will make 2 Alexs...

I will stick to ksf


p/s: my room's a mess! I have to make more time to pack! Oh well! =)

pp/s: yeah! shopping tomorrow! oh yeah oh yeah! XD

"Life is short, break the rules, forgive sooner, love with true love, laugh without control and always keep smiling. Maybe life is not the party that we were expecting, but in the mean time, we're here and we can still dance....."

Growing old is not for whimps......Jock Smith & Bette Davis