18 December 2010


Going Canada in around 2 hours time! I'm excited! =D
Merry x'mas in advance dear everybody! See you all when I'm back in Jan next year! Take care! =)

16 December 2010


Met up with shan last night and so happy! She secretely put the presents inside the plastic bag I was carrying! Love your note and card and present! Rock! Love you too! =)

13 December 2010

La La La

Skype-ing with my bb now!
heeheehee X)


So exciting!

I Ate Puffer Fish Last Night And... It Was Good!

I must start packing soon!
The end.

Keep Walking

Shoes attract shoes.
Man, that is so true.
The end.

11 December 2010

I Found My Old Belt

Met up with viv on monday and was asked to help take a photo from the guy in red with his best buddy!
This is a picture of me taking the photo! Photo is by viv! Thanks gal! =)

Eating Ramen!

We love ramen! And those thin thin slices of meat! XD

At The Station

Sing To The Tune

10 December 2010


Counting down now! One more week to Canada!
Yeah! =D

06 December 2010

You Guys And Girls Rock!

Fanny is back for 5 days this time round! I missed her so much!
So happy to hang out with her and enjoyed our big gathering on Saturday!
Life is great coz I have all my best friends around me!

And today is my 10th month anniversary with kieran! Yeah! =D

Love you all! =)

03 December 2010

Colors Of The Poems

Received my 1st x'mas card of the year from milk last night! So cute! =)