27 June 2013

Girl With Specs WIP

trying out a different colouring style! what a difference a day can make! will work on it more! :)

21 June 2013

An App For The Haze, A Hope For Mankind

i was thinking, instead of using social media networks to vent out your frustrations, inventors, engineers, artists and everyone can come together to change things... no matter how small... posting negative comments only brings everyone down... but a little help, no matter how small, will brighten someone's day, ALOT! i believe that being idealistic, or even seemingly naive to some, does not necessary improve situation... but i believe in sending good vibes, in creating awareness, in helping out, no matter how small your effort may seem... the old Star Trek movie sorta inspired the ipad you're holding in your hands now... technology and imagination, steered in the right and positive direction can bring hope. help mould the world into the place you wanna be in years to come...

20 June 2013

Haze In Singapore

there's a very bad haze going on in Singapore (my hometown) right now... while i can't do anything to help improve the situation, my imagination gave me some ideas on how the iconic symbols in Singapore, with a touch of sc-fi, can do to help purifies the air... (hope i can come back to work on this comic some more... need to run some errands in the city)
air is free... clean air is a blessing... the earth is ours to protect...

19 June 2013


did some alterations to some of my old drawings XD hee!
i think you're wonderful! :D
i love dogs and hedgehogs! :)

bb's Birthday Weekend! :)

i love you. bb! mua! :)

17 June 2013

12 June 2013

DIY Clock!

yay! bb and i finished d-i-y-ing our clock! yay! bought an old record in the city for $1 and then bb bought the clock hands on ebay and we diy the record into a clock! fun! :D

Happy Rice Dumpling Festival!

bb and i drove to Little Penang and bought one rice dumpling each! then we skyped with my parents while we ate the rice dumplings! yay! :D

The Name of The Wind

sorry for the lack of comics update ><

06 June 2013


i am feeling much better today! yay! :D

01 June 2013


today is the 1st day of winter here in NZ! so bb and i made borscht! yummy!:D