27 January 2011

So Sweet! =D

Bb I love you! =)

We Saw Jay Chou On Monday!

*photo was taken by kieran! =)*

Kieran Got A Hamper For My Family This CNY!

Kieran and I will be eating reunion dinner with my family tomorrow coz' we are flying to Korea on Saturday! =)

My Childhood! =)

20 January 2011

Haven't Write In Chinese For So Long!

(long time no see chinese characters!)Have you ever given up, or is in the process of giving up something?A dream you have worked hard for? Someone whom you once loved dearly? A bad habit? Or even trying to give up a kind of drink?

Friends whom know me know how much I loooove wasabi! I loved the sensation wasabi brings, especially that feeling which rushes to my head! XpMy friends said I'm really crazy! *gua gua gua*

I always suffer from very bad tummyaches too...The kinds which will make me roll on the floor in pain...

After realising that I am actually allegic to wasabi, I was so sad... My friend, Roxy, said it's ok lah! Since I've had wasabi for sooo many years, it's alright!

And I realised that I don't actually missed wasabi after giving it up! Nor do I ever craved for it once!

Even when I accidentally ate some wasabi, I don't have that feeling of "wow! I missed you soo much!"

I only felt "Oh...?!"It was a very mild fleeting moment...

Actually, it's never as hard as I thought it would be.

And without wasabi, I actually get to taste the REAL taste of sushi! The freshness and such is something which makes eating even a happier experience! Wow! This is something unexpected! Something which I never thought of by giving up wasabi!

Even though I can eat some wasabi now, I also don't wanna eat it anymore.Just feel that it's not worth making myself suffer from bad tummyaches anymore...

Sometimes, things you thought are hard to give up on, are actually not as important as you make them out to be!Maybe you are just thinking too much!

Realised that I have forgotten how to write alot of chinese characters! xp

My taiwanese friends are in Singapore today! Woo hoo! =D

13 January 2011

I Have The Best Big Brother In The World!

He is the best brother to me! Love him! =D
Thanks gor gor! =)
Thanks for everything! ROCK!!!!!
Yeah! =D

11 January 2011


Oh My Heart! =D

Meien brought baby mingxuan down to meet shan and I for lunch! Rock! Baby mingxuan is soooooo cute! =D

Oh my heart!

And recently, am reading the new book by Jonathan Safran Foer - Eating Animals.

I couldn't eat meat for the past 3 meals...

Very powerful book whick will make you think what is a human and what is an animal...

Been discussing this book with kieran for the past 2 days .. =p ...

I don't think I will become a vegeterian but I will be more conscious of the meat I am eating now... Animals are definitely not born to be eaten...

And also watched "Fighters" recently with bb. What superb acting and story! Looking forward to more great movies for the rest of the year!

Life is good! Continue making art! Continue touching lives!


05 January 2011