29 April 2009

Just Suddenly

Q: What happens if your perspective's warped?
A: Enjoy the ride yah!

28 April 2009

Color, color, color

And sorry Ah Boon didn't wait for you to finish your dinner =p *gua gua gua*
And thanks mic! =D yeah!

26 April 2009

Had Alot Of Dreams While I Slept Back The Hours

Alot oh!

And wished that I could stayed till the end of Mr Peter Fonda's talk yesterday...I enjoyed it nonetheless.
I remembered what he said,

"Do what you must do, and do it well." (from a lyrics too)
Thanks! =)

24 April 2009

Plug Boy Walks!

Another quick double bounce walk! =)

So happy to make Plug Boy in chibi version! Fun =)!

p/s: I love Plug Boy! Heh =) pp/s: been losing sleep, coz' there's so much I wanna do!

Hope To Start A New One Soon =)

Good day peeps! =)

23 April 2009

Travelling To The East Again Twice This Week

p/s: Dance was awesome last night! XD

above必殺技: work-in-progress-ing~

22 April 2009

21 April 2009

Same Title As Below

Added in a watermelon...but not the smashed parts yet

Still work-in-progress-ing~

No Watermelon Is Wasted In The Making Of This Animation

The weather is so darn hot these few days... really feel like smashing up a watermelon...
Plug Boy is back, and in spandex. (spandex <--- one of those mysteries to me in history)... p/s: check out Plug Boy in other "fashion" and "material" =p

The watermelon is not in yet and everything is still missing alot of frames (i.e: work-in-progress-ing)

It must be the weather...
(Animated in 3D; traced in 2D)

19 April 2009

Click, Click, Click

It appears like the cars actually have minds of their own..

thinking... stopping.. and then moving.. on their own...

Am always fascinated by stop motion... haha and took these photos on a lazy sunday afternoon while waiting for a reply from a collaboration =)

14 April 2009


Hello happy peoples! =D
Oh yeah!
I feel good! *saxaphone (<--- how to spell? ) music*

12 April 2009

Sorry For My Blogging Unreliability

*insert a wistful sigh here*
And to all my silent-blog-reading-friends,
Thanks! =)

11 April 2009

Yeah! Finished Drawing The Cap!

And Yeah! to meeting old friends and new friends! =)

06 April 2009


The model above is by PETER STAROSTIN. (Totally Awesome Fun!) Thanks Ah Boon for the link =)!

Hey hey hey!
The rain has finally stopped! =)

04 April 2009

A Swan At The Graden =)!

p/s: do check out "Water Birds: A Walt Disney True Life Adventure Featurette"

Totally Awesome! And so is the animated movie "The Rescuers"! =)

A Figment Of My Imagination

Title of song: Eggy Ol'
we tried it in the studio ... haha!
Chris on drums
Vivian on guitar
ksf on vocals
music by chris and ksf
lyrics' still on the way by ksf

Title of Song:(no title yet)
Chris on drums and harmony
Vivian on guitar
ksf on vocals and running out of breath
music by chris
lyrics by ksf
(we will do a full song next time; this is only half of the song =)

Title of song: Maria
Chris on drums
Vivian on guitar
ksf on vocals
music and lyrics by ksf

Title of song: Maybe
Chris on drums
Vivian on guitar
ksf on vocals
music and lyrics by ksf

Title of song: Je Ne Sais Quoi
Chris on drums
Vivian on guitar
ksf on vocals
music and lyrics by ksf

Some new songs, some old songs I'd written with my band! =D heh

03 April 2009

~~(^。^)~~ Just For You Shan! =)

Sorry for grammar and spelling mistakes =p.

01 April 2009

And Picking An Auspicious Date To Start On This New Dance Animation

Nah, I'm just kidding.
It's on the way.


I Felt Like I were Being Played A Bad Prank On Yesterday...And It Wasn't Even April's Fool yet...(p/s:title has got nothing to do with the post below)

p/s: he also offered the snacks to his grandma... but she ate first before I knew it..
*gua gua gua*

(Below is a birthday card for a friend =)

Yesterday, in the bus, on my way to watch the movie "Departures",
I saw these words on a guy's t-shirt:
"Sometimes, Soul and Hope are all we have."

And he has got an awesome tattoo on his calf!