17 May 2010

I Am In San Francisco!

And went to Bay To Breakers this morning! =)
Thanks Vinh for showing us around!
Nice day!
And met a cool bus driver auntie with a very cool attitude! WOW~

14 May 2010

I'm Putting My Laptop In The Little Bag With Wheels Instead

And thanks Yoon See and June and Phoenix for treating me satays and chicken wings yesterday! So happy! =D

And I like jeremy and mavis too! Hee =)!

My Mum And Dad Went To Get Their Dentures Together

How Cute! =D

08 May 2010

Baby You Rock!

Had diarrhea again twice just now.. am hitting the sheets soon!
Thanks bb for taking care of me when I had a fever and felt sick... You are the best!
Love ya!

06 May 2010

Yeah! Started Packing Yesterday!

Going for a short trip with baby next week! =D Yeah!

04 May 2010


... the afternoon taxi uncle listened to classical music and we tapped along to the beats;

the night taxi uncle listened to a funky remix of "smoke on the water"...


A Song For Kieran

heehee..wrote the lyrics last night =)

(music and lyrics by ksf )

jamming with Je Ne Sais Quoi soon after vivian finishes her exmas on the 11th may! =D yeah!

I Love You Both!

My dad and my boyfriend collect old coins as a hobby!
This is a picture of them in search of old coins at the flea market at Sungei road...
Both of them are very cute!
Heeheehee ~