25 March 2009

I Can't Eat Wasabi

Last night, I hit the drums very hard. Ha!
Tired, but still wanna jam! And Chris and I impro a new melody! Yeah! Will work on it!
Tired, but still wanna dance!
Tired, but still wanna draw!
These days.

20 March 2009

7 Days Of Hard Work

I’m still alive lah.
Just a tiny*little*bit busy. ..

I want to go back to attending my dance classes
and jam
and sing
and go attend a friend's storytelling session for her new book launch
and go for concerts
and read
and watch movies
(oh! so many, many!).....

After this assignment! TuT

I think I need sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Send me good vibes! I'm sending them to you too!

18 March 2009

For My Friends!

You go gals! For you, and you and you!

17 March 2009

This Thought When I Woke Up This Morning

Isn't it truly awesome that we are here to love and to be loved?
Okies, off to work again.

11 March 2009

*Heartbeats* !!!!!

Hihi sorry was busy! A vid taken last year with casts Jazmyne, Fei and Michelle =).

p/s: Take care of yourself and have lots of fun yah! I will miss you! See you when you are back yah! Read your letter! I am sorry! But you taught me something which is indeed very deep! Thank you for telling me! =)

pp/s: Jia you together! =)

04 March 2009

Oh Yeah!

I wanna do the Visa Card Advertisement dance!

03 March 2009

02 March 2009

Some Drawings

While waiting for Ah Boon and Ben...
And my thoughts were all over the place.. =(

And we sent over to Fanny's today! Yeah!

I really love drawing in this new sketchbook from Yaxin! =D

01 March 2009