28 December 2011

Trip To Kaikoura

Went to Kaikoura and picked up some white pebbles on the beach and formed these words! Hope your xmas was sweet and nice! =D

23 December 2011

South Island!

Back from the south island! And it's so beautiful! =D

16 December 2011

Fanny's Wedding Dinner Video

A wedding video I made for Fanny! =D hee!


Fart Shells

Wuahahahahaha! XD

14 December 2011


Yeah! Spent an hour yesterday designing the cupcakes for my R.O.M ceremony! Happy! bb likes it and so does everyone!
Will post the design/photos after the 1st Jan 2012! =) hee

09 December 2011

No Fast Food

p/s: and I have successfully not eaten any KFC for almost a year! Woo hoo! Am going to try to not eat any fast food again! (Yups, even Mos Burger! Not that they have Mos Burger here in Wellington, but just saying =)

23 More Days To Our R.O.M

Pimples Breakout ah! ><
Counting down to 23 more days to our R.O.M!
Meeting the celebrant tomorrow at Taupo! =D
Driving tonight! With bb, auntie and auntie Darlene!

01 December 2011

Ong Lai

Last week in Singapore! XD

Kieran and I are registering our marriage on the 1st of January 2012! =D hee!

20 November 2011

Hihi! From Singapore

Hihi to all my silent blog readers! (Except shan! XD hee)
I am now back in Singapore for 4 days! Flying back to New Zealand on Wednesday!
Just attended a wedding photo shoot of Fanny's at the Botanical Gardens! Fun! =D
Loooong time no blog/updates! Hee! =p
Need to do alot of things and meet up with friends!
And also to eat Ramen and Tao Huay and Lor Mee and drink sugar cane drink!
Wow! Very hungry again suddenly! *gua gua gua*

31 October 2011

Trick Or Treat!

Heehee! This is my 1st time carving a pumpkin! XD heeheehee~

Happy Halloween everybody! Rock! =D

15 October 2011

Greek Geek

Wow! Really really enjoyed myself sooo much drawing this series! Such fun!

Going for dinner with bb soon! Have a happy weekend everybody! =)


Hot pot or steamboat, whatever you call it, it taste good! XD

Singapore Food!

Some of the best food in Singapore are found in hawker centers! =D


Our Favourite!

14 October 2011


It will be nice to cycle here in Wellington! XD

Plug Boy

Hope PlugBoy becomes a TV series, a feature film, storybooks in time to come! =D

For the time being, you can watch PlugBoy and PlugGirl here:

(PlugBoy and PlugGirl is designed by me, ksf =)

Our Plants!

13 October 2011

Bubble Tea!

Just for you, bb! =D


There's no ramen in Wellington, but I can draw us some! XD

07 October 2011

Plug Boy and Plug Girl MV

(click on link above to watch the mv I have made with Vivian =)

Am off to New Zealand tomorrow! Will be staying there for over a year and starting a new life with Kieran! Yeah! =D

28 September 2011

Nice Night

Wow... need to catch up on movies!!!!! Too many movies that I have wanted to watch but missed!
p/s: note to self: never drink coffee again after 9pm. Feeling like I have just ran a marathon (not that I did before) - heart is beating faster than usual! =p

21 September 2011


I am sooooooooooooo happy! Getting ready for my new adventures again soon! So excited!
And my mum is supportive too! Soooo happy! =D
Yeah! Seeing bb soon! =D So exciting!

p/s: and I love the new Facebook! I don't know why! I just love it! XD