31 May 2012

Very Fast!

  Almost 2 months in the office! Wow time flies!
Very busy ah!!! I have 12 more shots to be finished by next friday and some more to polish too!!
  Coming back to Singapore during mid June for bb and my wedding's preparations!
Bb is flying on the 1st July! Bb is busy OT-ing too!
Tomorrow's another animator's last day in the office! He's going to South America for 6 months! Cool!
Weather is super cold here in the mornings!

Okies! Very random updates! XD

05 May 2012

Am not updating my blog, not checking my FB and missing my hip hop classes, my life drawing classes and my japanese classes for weeks!!
Coz I have gotten an animation gig in the city here in New Zealand!
yay! \(n_n)/
Money money! Earn more money! (to the tune of "Com'on Barbie, let's go party!" tune)

And going back Singapore for around 4 days with bb in 7 days time! Woo hoo! =D