05 May 2012

Am not updating my blog, not checking my FB and missing my hip hop classes, my life drawing classes and my japanese classes for weeks!!
Coz I have gotten an animation gig in the city here in New Zealand!
yay! \(n_n)/
Money money! Earn more money! (to the tune of "Com'on Barbie, let's go party!" tune)

And going back Singapore for around 4 days with bb in 7 days time! Woo hoo! =D


welcome to singapore said...

hey, work & life & play must still balance ok...at least check my fb, lol..love ya & see you & kieran soon <3 let's go to all things good, the 3 of us ;-)

Anonymous said...

hey shufen! Great that you found work there! Hope you are enjoying yourself at work! :D

i_am_ksf said...

hihi shan! thanks ah thanks! i cheong 1st for work before coming back to sg/canada for a month!
let's go to all good things when we are back! and thanks soo much my dearest bff!! you rock!

hihi beebee! =D thanks thanks!! =D so happy you got check my blog! XD
yups enjoying work! =D how are you??