22 January 2014


heehee! drew out my collection of keys :) hee!

7 Unusual Terms Of Endearment

(: nicknames for your loved ones :)

20 January 2014

17 January 2014

New Cards For Sale!

p/s: all other previous cards have been sold out! woo hoo! :)
hope you all like this series! :)

You Rule!

14 January 2014

I Believe In Angels

on a side note, i used to mix up the spelling for "angels" and "angles" :p

13 January 2014

Happy New Year Of The Horse! (and the unicorn if you like :)

Happy new year of the horse! (and the unicorn if you like :)

Happy New Year!

happy new year dear peeps! :)
hope 2013 was great and 2014 even nicer! :D
it's summer school holidays here in Welly! come join me for some art lessons if you like! see you! :D