05 December 2014

Everything Will Be Fine! :)

 I was doing very good on my 1st and 2nd day of waiting... then was a bit freaked out on the 3rd day... we did another CTG on our 3rd day of waiting, and also an examination... it was painful and there are more things to consider...
Today is our 5th day of waiting... how did other ladies do it? My friend, Kat, waited 16 days for her 3rd child to be born! 16 days!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!
We went for yet another CTG this morning and another painful examination of my cervix...
It was decided that I will be allowed to stay in the hospital this Sunday to prepare for my induction. :)

27 November 2014

Guessing Meimei's Birthday!

Today is our last midwife's appointment! Mum and Dad and bb and I started guessing Meimei's birthday in the car on our way back after lunch! :)
Meimei, Meimei, when will be your birth date? :)

26 November 2014

Thankful! :)

Redraw this comic I did from last year in watercolour :)
See you anytime soon, Meimei! :) 

20 November 2014

Thanks Bb! :)

I asked bb not to drink alcohol for these few weeks, so that when I go into labour, both of us will be in our strongest mode! :) And sweet bb did it! :) Yay! Aww! :)

16 November 2014

14 November 2014

Portrait Day At Matchbox Studios This Sunday 16th Nov! :)

Happening this Sunday, 16th Nov 2014! 12:00 to 3:00pm! I will be drawing there if I haven't give birth yet! Oh yay! :)

13 November 2014

10 November 2014

Happy 37 Weeks Meimei! :)

And very, very thankful and happy Mum and Dad flew all the way to NZ after our scare in the hospital during our 33 weeks to take care of us! :) Yay! Thanks for everything! :) We are very lucky! :)
                                                             Happy birthday Dad! :)
I am very gassy... XD

31 October 2014

Dutch Oven

Do you all do that too? :) hee

p/s: reson to why i am sleeping on the chair can be found in this comic which i've drawn earlier on:

29 October 2014


My instructor was impressed with bb coz it's his first time doing yoga with me and bb is very coordinated! Bb said it's because he play sports :)
She asked did he watch me practice doing yoga at home? (I don't practise at home.. :p oops!)
p/s: I can't do a head stand, and I am very impressed too! :)

16 October 2014

3 Traumatic Days

Thank you to all the strong and wonderful staff at the Wellington Hospital too! You all are super awesome!

I meditated a lot during the 3 days in the hospital. Yoga really helps me in ways I couldn't have imagine... I am thankful that I am very strong and bb is very wonderful and strong too! We are very thankful for Meimei too for being so strong! You are our dearest sweetheart! Stay strong! Wait for at least 4 more weeks before you come out to play! We love you very much!