29 August 2013

For A Friend!

made a paper bunting and some mustaches for my friend! :D
and hoping to sell my cards next week! *fingers crossed*

23 August 2013

Lights And Cameras! And A Video!

still a little bit under the weather... :P
so i spent the whole afternoon drawing in ink! :)
oh and this could be silk screened on tote bags! :D
is anyone interested in getting one? :) *wink*

 also did a quick video of me drawing in ink! :D
Music by Friendly Ghost: friendlyghostmusic.com/

Selfie Time!

20 August 2013

Stay Tuned! Cards For Sale Soon!

hello world! i'm gonna sell some of my drawings as cards soon! do stay tuned! :)
*gonna source for nice papers soon! whee!*
Have a wonderful week! :)
meanwhile, do check out my Etsy shop! hee! thanks!


My comics are for sale at Matchbox! :)

My comics are for sale at Matchbox too! Yay! :) Thank you so much wonderful peeps! :D
(166 Cuba Street, Wellington, New Zealand!)
Do check them out! :D
Thank you Matchbox! :D
(you can find them here:

19 August 2013

My comics are for sale at Graphic Comics!

My comics are for sale at Graphic Comics! (106 Cuba Mall
Wellington, New Zealand!) yay! do check them out! :D
Thank you Graphic Comics! :D

15 August 2013

TetheredTogether Is My Shop Name! :D

p/s: my etsy shop is up!
stay tuned for more items in the near future! :D

My Comics For Sale! :)

A spanking new comic compilation of a Singaporean girl with a Canadian husband, both living in wonderful Wellington, New Zealand! It shows the simple joy observed and experienced with the child inside me and interesting takes on how mundane stuff can be funny too!

Drawn every day for one month, this comic includes 33 comics on 19 full colour pages, guaranteed to make you LOL and bring a smile to your face!

Hope you enjoy my comics! 

my comics are for sale! at $10 NZD each! message me if you wanna get one! woo hoo!
p/s: shipping price is not included 

there is a total of 19 pages inside this comic! :D

13 August 2013


sorry for the lack of updates! ahhhhhhhhhh!
went for a 3 weeks holiday in canada with bb and didn't draw since!
slowly getting back in the groove! yay! :D
this year, i had already experienced 3 summers! (first here in wellington, new zealand, and then to singapore, where it's summer all year round, and then the recent summer in canada!)
people time travel, we summer hopped!
hope to create something soon! be it drawings, comics, songs, art, anything that is fun! :D
came back home to wellington for almost 3 weeks and had been busy, busy, busy! starting out a new venture and i hope it can turn into something big! :D even if it stays like how the way it is going now, i still know i am doing something good and giving back to the world, one tiny step at a time :)
thanks for popping by!
p/s: i started drawing comics again yesterday! woo hoo! bit stuck on the 3rd panel though... let's see where it will take me! :)