19 December 2012


Amidst busy schedules, still find time enjoying drawing some cards for friends! woo hoo! :)
merry christmas in advance dear friends! :)

Our New Place!

yay! bb and i spent our first night in our new house last sunday! it was great! sorry silent readers, very busy recently and just got our internet connection up this afternoon! yay! :D

this comics post reminded me that i've gotten a set of construction kit when i was in kindergarten! and i really love fixing up the toy crates and cars back then! maybe i have gotten the wrong present (it might be intended for a little boy back in school?) but there was no name written on it and my teacher gave a present to each of us in class... (i hope no one got a doll he doesn't want XD)

i love fixing up the sofas, tables etc we have gotten for our new place! it's easy with those tiny metal L-shaped thing that makes it so handy to fix things up! :)

01 December 2012

Made My 1st Table Christmas Wreath Today! :)

It was so much fun! Thanks chiyo for going with me and thanks bb for picking me up!
Got lots of praises as I walked down the road to meet bb! Hee! :)

Sorry haven't been posting lately... very busy! Time pass by sooooo fast!
Happy everyday! :D yay!

28 October 2012

bb and i went to watch "argo" last night! we loved it! very good film!
and we went to the worser bay school fair this morning and had fun! loving the food! :D hee
happy weekend! :D

22 October 2012


Must study for my driving test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friends In Nz

Friends I know here in nz! :D

18 October 2012

Ombré Dip-Dyed

Have you tried it? :)

Be Kind, Rewind

going for my root canal soon... *shivers*... 
wish i could have rewind and taken better care of my tooth XD wish all of you a set of healthy teeth!

17 October 2012


oh yeah! :D


side note: earthquake felt at 1ish pm just now! scary!!!
and went for pottery lesson today! very fun! but there goes my black cardigan XD



15 October 2012

Blushing Away Bunny

anything that is difficult for you to say, blushing bunny blushes it all away

Facebook Page

hi peeps!
this is my facebook page for I am ksf:
hee! :D