31 March 2011

In The Key Of D

I love you bb! ^^3 heeheehee

29 March 2011

For Fun!

Mixing the very old skool way! For fun lah!
*gua gua gua* XD

p/s: don't drink and listen ah!

My Updated Animation Demo Reel =)


23 March 2011

21 March 2011

Cut My Hair Short Today!

Had 3 years of loooong hair, and snapped it all off to above my shoulders!
Wow, feel sooo light! =)
And sent calista off to the airport with bb just now.. see you next time calista! It was fun having you here! =)

17 March 2011

A Bit Of The Making Of The Projection Mapping Gig


Heehee another video on youtube where you can see the project I've worked on!
They mentioned "Tron"! Woohoo! My lines, my lines! X)
More to come! Go go go!

A Song's Abrewing

Aiyo! Wrote this in less than 10 minutes after my lunch break! Long time since I last wrote stories for fun!
p/s: do ignored the grammar and spelling mistakes please XD... I just need to let the story flow... you know, it's like painting and such! XD

16 March 2011

Epic Pu Tao!

Calista asked me to do a tongue twister that I know in Mandarin and I did this.

Both she and kieran lol!

Wuahahhahahahahahha! Epic! XD

This Happened Last Week! XD

Wuhahahahaha! XD

13 March 2011

Epic Lah!~

And missing bb so much! Hope he is having a great trip with his sister, calista! =)

10 March 2011


Went out with my bff for the movie "Gnomeo and Juliet" just now!
Enjoyed the movie lots!
Some scenes need more love and time, but the good ones are really nicely animated and rocks! The look and feel is nice! Highly recommend everyone to watch it! =D

And lol so many times with shan! Super epic when we start to lol! XD
Love you my bff! =)

07 March 2011


p/s: i love my bb very much! and he is a very good brother! =) rock!