31 May 2013

A Comic A Day For The Month Of May

oh yay! i did it! i drew a comic a day, everyday for the month of may! thanks everyone for reading and i had lots of fun!:D

30 May 2013

It Hailed Here In Miramar On Tuesday

i saw maple, our neighbour's dog, running for her life, then i heard lots of "pit! pit! pit!" sound on the roof, and saw that it was hailing! brrrrrrr
so cold!

29 May 2013

My T-Shirts Designs!

hee! the drawing i silk screened onto the t-shirts can be found here
: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=185472864937586&set=a.176395022512037.1073741831.115841135234093&type=1&theater
PM me for sale of t-shirt! going at $20 NZD each :D

26 May 2013

Gina's Hen's Night!

it was so much fun! thanks venessa for organising the fun night! :D yay!
wishing gina and balazs happiness everyday! :D

Candy Stall

went to watch a free screening of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan with bb, kevin, deepak and mark a couple of days ago! and the nice organisation set up a free candy stall! sweet!

23 May 2013

Sweet Maple

my neighbour invited me over for tea this morning! :D yay! she is the owner of maple! so sweet! :D

22 May 2013

The Perfect Bag For Me :D

and it costs me $7.50! Yay! :D

19 May 2013

Maple Comes To Play Almost Everyday Now! :D

today maple played a funny running game with bb in our yard! too cute! :D


16 May 2013

Fingerprints Scan In The States And Canada

When we are visiting the States or Canada, I always have a little bit of fun scanning my fingerprints at the customs .
Last night, bb and i went to The Roxy Cinema with andrew, deepak, matt, mark and kevin to watch "Galaxy Quest". i enjoyed the movie thoroughly and like how the humour is neither rude or in your face :)  very good acting from the cast and the special effects and make up is very good considering that this film is done in 1999 :) not too over the top and very funny story and idea! yay!
this is my take on Star Trek in real life

14 May 2013

Ramen In Wellington!

chiyo told us that there is finally ramen in wellington! bb and i went to check it out at Pickle Eating House and Bar last night!
love the tiny, tiny space and the egg was a pleasant surprise!
we rate it 6.5/10! :)

13 May 2013

Maple Likes To Visit Us :)

hahaha! maple is so friendly to us now! yay for great neighbours having cute dogs! bb and i love to pet maple!
p/s: i even took maple for a walk today! yay! :)

I Really Like To Make Paper Carnival Flags

10 May 2013

Maple Drinking Water

i praised maple too loudly and she got a shock and choked on her water XD hee

09 May 2013

How bb Makes Our Bed In The Morning :)

heehee! :D

Today Is Crafts Day!

today is crafts day with chiyo san! :D this is my finished piece! yay! :D

07 May 2013

Maple! :)

megu san came over to my place today and we did some arts and crafts together! then maple came into our kitchen too and played with us! :D she is sooooo cute!


earthquake in wellington yesterday

05 May 2013

Extreme Sports

extreme sports... at least to me! haha! XD

04 May 2013

The Heater Dance

winter is coming in new zealand! stay warm guys and girls! :)

03 May 2013

Lunch At Burger King With bb!

cluster of cutes! :D heehee!
happy weekend lovelies! :D