27 February 2009

Plug Boy Has GoT Some New Moves!

Yups, as always, Plug Boy is still work-in-progress-ing! But I had lots of fun animating him! =D hee

*move, move, shake, shake*

26 February 2009

One More Taken Last Year

"All the Way!"

Eunice on keyboard; Dwida on bass; Chris on drums; ksf on vocals

Yeah! Ah Boon Is Back!

Meanwhile, while clearing disk space, some old videos taken last year (between September/ October?) I think we have improved heh =).

Eunice on keyboard; ksf on vocals

Taken Last Year You Remember?


23 February 2009


And we ate 2 packs of popcorns! *happy* =)

18 February 2009

So Many...

...movies to watch...
Slumdog Millionaire (<---today)
White Palms
The Reader
Mystic River (my dvd) <----- Clint Eastwood, Clint Eastwood, Clint Eastwood, Clint Eastwood

Ah boon when are you back? Let's go watch a movie again ok! =)


I am very hungry now... -_-... supper anyone?
p/s: Chris' recorder has an afro hairdo... cool!
pp/s: so so sooo happy that everyone made it for jamming! TuT Yeah!~
ppp/s: Thanks Shan for dropping by to listen to us! =D

17 February 2009

Good Day Peeps =)

I will be uncontactable during the weekends (starting friday);
Please email if you need to find me.
(But I can only reply next week when I'm back. Thanks!)

15 February 2009

Fabulous Moving Brows

Wish I could move my eyebrows up and down individually...ha!

Brought to you by jsws X)

*move brows up and down*

Insert A Hip Hop Song Title Here

Tuesday's jamming! Yeah! =D

13 February 2009

For Eunice and Vivian =)

What happened after class on wednesday with Vivian and Eunice.
kekekekeke XD

10 February 2009

Normal Peeps See only The Surface Part 3

I'm going to bed. Nitez!

Normal Peeps See only The Surface Part 2

Strongbow Cider is the current favourite now.
I'd strained my vocal again on saturday
*sigh*...my friend said I sounded like I'm talking behind a veil.
*Imagine the voice of a just awaken kidult*

Normal Peeps See only The Surface

There was anger, let it pass! Thanks! I was further motivated and inspired! Yeah! =)