20 March 2013

Feels Like So

drew out some very cute bunnies soft toys i saw on the internet and decided to get a bit crafty! :D good weather like this makes me wanna have some cotton floss! ♥ :)

18 March 2013

Watercolour, Gouache, Acrylic!

Trying my hands on papers and canvas :) Above is a pic of my messy work table! :)
 mixed media on canvas (above is a drawing of me and my husband! :)
 watercolour! I found an old life drawing I did here in NZ and decided to colour it! :)
 my first acrylic attempt!
 My mum-in-law! :) mixed media on paper :)
  My sis-in-law! :) mixed media on paper :)
   My sis-in-law! :) mixed media on paper :)
  My dad-in-law! :) mixed media on paper :)

12 March 2013


My pot of rice burnt and there goes my pot...I drew and coloured until I forgot... :O

My Guitar's Name Is Ah Lei

belting out 'Little Lion Man' in its loud, polyphonic rendition of Mumford & Sons
(drew and coloured this while listening to Ed Sheeran's Give Me Love XD)

11 March 2013

Count Spatula

Did i tell you i like to tell jokes? XD heeheehee! XD

07 March 2013

Happy Birthday Nicola!

Hello there! :)
Today is my pottery teacher's birthday! Nicola is one of the most patient and lovely teacher I have ever met!
You can check her out at http://www.claypenguin.co.nz/

Haven't posted for 2 months! Oh my gosh! Was back in Singapore with my husband (we did a short trip to Taiwan too with my bff, shan) and took a break from the internet for 2 months! Yay! :)
Had a wonderful and lovely trip visiting my parents and friends in Singapore and Taiwan!

 My husband and I moved into our new house around end of November last year! And we are loving our new home! :)

Happy new year! It's March! Time really flies! Happy everyday everyone! :) Yay!