31 October 2011

Trick Or Treat!

Heehee! This is my 1st time carving a pumpkin! XD heeheehee~

Happy Halloween everybody! Rock! =D

15 October 2011

Greek Geek

Wow! Really really enjoyed myself sooo much drawing this series! Such fun!

Going for dinner with bb soon! Have a happy weekend everybody! =)


Hot pot or steamboat, whatever you call it, it taste good! XD

Singapore Food!

Some of the best food in Singapore are found in hawker centers! =D


Our Favourite!

14 October 2011


It will be nice to cycle here in Wellington! XD

Plug Boy

Hope PlugBoy becomes a TV series, a feature film, storybooks in time to come! =D

For the time being, you can watch PlugBoy and PlugGirl here:

(PlugBoy and PlugGirl is designed by me, ksf =)

Our Plants!

13 October 2011

Bubble Tea!

Just for you, bb! =D


There's no ramen in Wellington, but I can draw us some! XD

07 October 2011

Plug Boy and Plug Girl MV

(click on link above to watch the mv I have made with Vivian =)

Am off to New Zealand tomorrow! Will be staying there for over a year and starting a new life with Kieran! Yeah! =D