09 August 2011

Flight To Vancouver Yesterday

coz' I have had a scary experience with a Caucasian guy last year at Starbucks in San Francisco, but that's another comic book moment! XD

Maybe I saw an angel who is a rocker! XD


do u need some coffee? said...

u know, it's the 7th month right now...doo~doo~doo~~

but it's always better to be more wary of strangers, even though they might really meant to help, kekeke.

the saying thanks to that guy who spilled ur bag is a very funny comic moment XD XD nx time ask grandpa barry spill wine on ur bag ok!

i_am_ksf said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aiyoh choy! XD
yups! after the san fran episode, i don't dare to be so friendly! last night, that was an event called "Lighter/Darker" and yoon see jio me along with pat and graeme! then got one guy very friendly he talked to us suddenly and asked, "what can a polar bear do?" i heard this before! so i replied, "to break the ice!" and like that started talking.. but i very leng chang, coz very miss kieran! XD
grandpa barry i miss him! and grandma theresa! XD