09 August 2011


Auntie forwarded me a photo of kita and said that she misses me! Awww! So cute! =D


kita never miss me TuT said...

so sweet of auntie! *thumbs up*

i_am_ksf said...

yah loh! so sweet of auntie! =D very happy leh! touched!
kita got miss you loh! just that kita cannot speak english that's why i cannot understand what she says!
actually kita very funny and kapo one! everytime i chat with kieran on skype hor, kita will come and sit near with her back facing us loh! then when we log off, she walks away loh! then kieran called out to kita, "hey kita! i know you are listening! XD" kekekeekke

三姑六婆Kita是也 said...

hahahaha....LOL at kieran's comments!!! aiyo...that kita, eavesdrop! so funny la, aiyoooooooooooooo!!!