05 August 2011

25 Cents Per Try


happy skype time said...

The "drawing" for the 2nd & 4th prize is so funny XD

And I like your "leg raise" when u hug ur minion, love ur drawings <3

i_am_ksf said...

thanks shan! so happy that you like my drawing hehehhe! rock! =D
haha! i can remember the 1st prize the elephant coz that's the 1st thing kieran won so "yin xiang sheng ke" , then the 2nd prize we exchanged is some furry thing which looked a bit off shape.. but i totally cannot remember what it was? epic! then actually, i almost settled for the 3rd exchange, coz it was green and red stripes and looked very cute and funny too!but in the end decided to keep going to reach the 5th try and so i can remember the 3rd try! the 4th try was some furry thing again! totally no recollection loh! XD and then 5th try is the minion! woo hoo! =D while kieran was going for the 5th try for the minion, the funfair place suddenly have pretty fireworks! =D wow! very nice!

i also like to draw "leg raise"! so fun and funny! XD

arrange a time to skype again okies shan! see you!
*kita's flying pose*

fly me to the moon said...

waaaa, fireworks, so romantic! so kieran only spend 25cents or 25x5 cents? kekeke...

tis morn just skype with u, then now at nite le, but u just woke up, haha really funny & amazing feeling.

Enjoy ur cooking later. tmr i'm gg to bake banana cupcakes =D

Kita, u r so cute!

i_am_ksf said...

wow banana cupcakes! *screams banana like the minions*! XD
yah indeed! now only 10am in nz! but it's 4pm in canada! and it's 6am in sg! XD interesting!

i_am_ksf said...

p/s: i forgot how many times did kieran tried though? XD but definitely within 10 tries! XD hehehehehe