09 August 2011

Ashley And Olivia's Soccer Game!


你的頭號粉絲 said...

LOL at the last picture...the 2 of u very funny leh!!

really enjoyed ur drawings ahh, because i can always imagine the actual scenerio when i looked at the drawing and it's really funny & cute! 有精髓ah!

i_am_ksf said...

thank you my 頭號粉絲 ! so touched and happy! TuT rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i_am_ksf said...

hehehehehe! kita will run around the kitchen area when i chased her loh! epic! lol!
thanks shan! so rock your comments! makes me power and level up! *game sound and music*

Anonymous said...

cham la, i think u sure lose weight there cos u run away alot XD

aiyo my comments is from my heart <3