29 November 2008

It was fun! And thank you friends and new friends we made along the way! It was an adventure!


joshua said...

Glad I've found your blog, one of the very best of the kind.
Have a blossom blessing and if you do drop by at mine, I sure hope
you at least blogbang me by watching my french creativitees from beginning to end
and mind my paypal donate boton for milk and nappy-diapers. What's two or three bucks?
I realy need your help badly and your help is that simple, but then
we all need eachother one way or another.
Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours, oh blessed one.


raidsystem said...

Very nice creations ... all of them.

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much! The pictures are so cute! And your blog is amazingly full of creativity! Really nice to meet you and your very fun-loving friends. Such a privilage to be part of it! Once again, thanks loadsss!!

-hwee ming

Shan said...

Did you plan the story ahead? I really love this, so kawaii and life-like. Looks really fun oh! I love the pic when everyone appears at the window ;) Can publish as a book liao, kekekeke....i see u r the photographer hor!

i_am_ksf said...

heehee, thanks heaps peeps! =)
heehee Shan, I didn't plan the story beforehand, I just take and take and take randomly, and then make into a little story when i uploaded the photos back home heehee. The cast love the window display shot too kekeke XD kekeke

thanks for reading everybody! =)

Anonymous said...

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drewscape said...


mamasan said...

Shufen,these are awesome! are you gonna make a small zine for sale?

Yonglin said...

haha Sufen~ Remenber me? Chance upon ur blog by link. How are ya? those heads are sweet! totally cute! hee

i_am_ksf said...

Hey Yonglin yes I remember you! Thanks! Do drop by @ Red Dot yah! =D
And Shannon,I emailed you to ask you something, what do you think? =)