11 November 2010

I Painted My Nails Red

Due Date the movie is so bad that it's good! (if you know what I mean...)
Acting is consistent throughout, very original walk cycle by Galifianakis...
Too bad there was not enough time to play on the switch of feelings between the two characters.
I would give it 1.2 stars; You can watch it for the acting though!
Suddenly reminds me of Robert Downey Jr in a scene in Sherlock Holmes where he rested his hand on a wall before entering. I think it was very good and detailed!
That's one of the few scene I actually remember!
Acting are the choices you make with your whole being; externally and internally.
Sometimes too much of a "method kind of acting" becomes too much, and the magic is lost.
But thank goodness for Robert Downey Jr! He makes it bearable to watch Galifianakis goes through his choices.
Time to get some drawings/paintings done!
Have a nice day! =)

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