14 May 2011

No Spellings Checked

My previous blog/comics entries are gone! =O
Oh bother

Went to Hard Rock Cafe with kieran and shini just now! My first Hard Rock experience! Ha!
Overall was a great time! The company rocks! =D

And watched "Lost in Translation" for the nth time.
And realised for the first time I had always interpreted the word Translation for the movie in the 3D term - "transition in the x, y, z axis"
Oh man! Serious case of being trapped in the world of virtual reality! Even in thinking in words, I only realised it today!

The movie holds a very different meaning to me now... but still touches me everytime I watched it.. still love the OST, the cast, the story, the director, the direction. Seeing it in a very different view this time though... that's the power of film! (or maybe, because I am in a different stage in my life now) Just felt there's so many different layers being exposed to me when I watched it again after 2 years...

Lost in Translation, for the movie, is basically in language; from Japanese to English and vice versa. Realised I have always treated it as transition!

Must be the beer! Can't drink as much compared to last time.. maybe sub conciously, I am also cutting down relatively...

Does it make sense? Any of the above I have written? Gonna reread it when I wake up later..
Oh well for my previous posts which are gone in virtual space...
April finally came and went, May is the month of decisions and decisions-in-the-making and to be made. What June holds, I am anticipating with a stable heart!

Missing gemma! So glad to received your email!

Good night, good morning! =)

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