19 January 2012

Our Wedding 101!

1) My bff, Shan, flew all the way from Singapore to attend our wedding! And she is also our photographer for our R.O.M! And the photos she'd taken were fabulous! =D

2) We almost forgot to get flowers! Thanks goodness, a flower shop was opened and the kind owner managed to sell us 5 roses (5 is my favourite number!) and she did a fantastic job on making my bouquet! =D

3) Everyone gave me tons of praises for my dress! Yeah! My friend, Shini, helped me ordered my dress online and Shan brought it over for me! =D Am so glad that I chose the dress and am very happy wearing it! Hee! =D

4) I had quite a lot of drinks on our yacth! So happy! XD And even had my favourite Jim Bean with Coca Cola! XD

5) The weather was actually kinda cold, but I didn't wear a jacket! I guessed I am just too happy to feel the cold! =D heehee

6) Lake Taupo is the size of Singapore! =D Wow!

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