30 August 2012

Tax Stuff

Forgot to pay some tax stuffs in Singapore and got a fine.. =p .. thanks goodness my dad read the letter out to me through the phone and bb and I quickly went online to pay the fine last night =p

Also dealing with the tax stuff here in nz. Dealing as in calling and then sending the stuffs over via snail mail.. and late for a few months (same scenario in sg) oh man! why do I always do that?....

Getting my freelance project salary end of this month and then have to deal with the tax stuff again for 2013... Because I am a freelance contractor here, I have to settle my own tax stuff by filling out lots of forms and always calling...

As much as I hate that, I am thankful too coz it means I have a job. =)

Looking forward to my next gig soon! =)

Started playing squash again with bb and alan last night! We still don't know will it be a weekly squash or a weekly badminton exercise routine... Started exercising (as in skipping 100plus times a day and occasionally doing some hip hop warm up routine I have learn here) again starting last week.. got to exercise more!!!

Weather is becoming better and better here in nz! Yay! Hello spring! =D

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