22 March 2014


I am only 46kg... but my face looks fat (at least to me ...sorry)

Reading tips online suggested that by losing weight, it will help in reducing the fat in my face... but nope, I don't wanna lose weight; I painstakingly took 2 years to gain 6kg successfully... and I hope to maintain my 46kg...

Maybe everyone is used to a certain way they look... recently, I cringe a lot whenever I see photos of myself... I just find my face looking fat, whereas the rest of my body is thin...Am I becoming a bobblehead version of myself? (No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I know I am not fat, (don't worry, I was mistaken as being anorexic for years... but people who know me know I love food...and no, I don't eat and then puke it out...) Because of my ongoing thyroid problems and high metabolism rate (I went to get it tested and got a surprise), I can’t gain weight.

But I am gaining weight on my face, the only part I don’t wanna gain weight on. The irony…

Maybe I should practise posing in a certain way that flatters my face whenever my photos are being taken? Or maybe, I should turn to Photoshop and become obsessed with sculpting my face to look a certain way?

I asked myself, “Why am I so concerned with how fat my face looks?”
(When I should actually be more concerned with other important things, like changing the world, saving the dolphins or planting more trees…)

And then I naively hope that by obsessing a little bit on how to lose the fat in my face, the fat has decided to migrate to other parts of my body and all is better again.

(Saturday night after a little bit of beer…maybe I should just cut down on the beer…)

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